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Most of us could do with some help in dealing with the stresses of everyday life, which is why I’m very excited to announce the release of BEAT THE STRESS, written by my alter-ego Sally Rigby. Here’s what it’s about:

Stress. The 21st century epidemic which affects us all.

We all would like stress free days, and ‘Beat the Stress’ (the first book in the self-help series Start Here) aims to help you manage stress and become stress free and healthy.

Whether you want to manage work place stress, or you’re at home, or school, then ‘Beat the Stress’ is for you. It will help you deal with the effects of stress, some of which can be so debilitating that it’s a struggle to cope on a daily basis.

This book cuts through the mountain of academic literature and gets to the nitty-gritty right away. It’s not revolutionary. What it does is draw together much of what’s out there into a quick and easy readable format.

It’s specifically geared to give you some techniques that will have an impact on how you’re feeling almost immediately.


Meditate for stress
Mindfulness for stress
Diet for stress
Exercise for stress
Time Management

Beat the Stress is written by Sally Rigby, who for many years studied and taught about stress. She witnessed, firsthand, what can happen when stress is left unchecked. Many people have benefited from her direct approach, finding improvements to their situations almost instantly.

“As someone who suffers from stress on a day to day basis I found this book extremely helpful in finding ways to manage it. Not only that, having it written in layman terms made it all easier to understand. I would definitely recommend this for readers struggling with the day to day stresses of life.” Victoria, Australia.


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