A Day in the Life!!!!!

In case you thought that my blog is only GCC tours…. and who wouldn’t I’ve been so slack….. I’m doing a catch-up blog.

It’s been crazy busy here at the moment. Lots of customers in the motel to keep me occupied. The motel is now on the market and we’ve had a couple of couples look around, which means I have to try and keep the place tidy (not easy).

We went away for a long weekend recently, which was great – which of course meant no writing. In fact I’ve been a bit slack with my writing. I wake up each day full of good intentions, but the day seems to run away with me. If it’s not motel work, it’s sorting things out for the kids. Anyway, once we sell the motel and before we move to Australia I’m going to have so much writing time I won’t know what to do with mysef.

And another good thing….. Glee starts next week!!!!!! I’m so excited.

Plus…. the weather is great, lots of sun shine…. can life get any better!!!

Hope you all have a fab weekend.

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