Who is it?????

It’s me……………… I’m getting so slack at blogging it’s not funny. Anyway, less about my shortcomings and more about what’s been happening.

Before I start I’d just like a little moan…. actually a big one……… THE WEATHER!!! Okay, I know it’s winter, but really we might as well be back in the UK it’s been so freakin’ cold. I swear the other morning it was negative 4 or something. And yes at times it does get very nice during the day and we have blue sky and sun but even so. And as soon as the sun goes in the temperature drops about 10 degrees. Still, only a year to go before we move to Australia and the Sunshine Coast…. omg I’m counting the days.

Okay, back to me………………… I’ve been really busy finishing off my latest manuscript, which is much more edgy and gritty than my other stuff, but I loved writing it so much. As long as there’s no blood. I can’t do or read anything with blood in it…. which means most of the Vampire books have passed me by, with the exception of House of Night series and the first Twilight book.  Anyway, so I’m now working on a new idea, just as edgy and gritty and again I think from a boy point of view.

What else……………. well, it’s only 7 weeks to the Australian conference, which reminds me Amanda and I need to get our workshop prepared. We’re doing one on YA which will be fun, and of course there will be lots of chocolate and candy to go round………. a YA workshop isn’t a YA workshop without it.  I’m trying not think of the 10lbs I want to lose in the interim.

And another exciting thing about conference is it’s just before the publication of our CP Christina Phillips debut book, which is awesome. Last year at the NZ conference when we last saw Christina she’d just signed with her agent and her book was out on submission, since then she sold a two book deal and now it’s coming out………….. I’m just wondering now if she had sold by conference, my bad memory is legendary so I’ll wait to be corrected!!

I think that’s about it.

Have a great weekend!

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8 thoughts on “Who is it?????

  1. Hahaha, no you are completely right, Sara!!! That’s exactly how it happened!

    But OMG only seven weeks until conference! I can’t believe how fast the years whip by!

    As for the weather. I won’t bore you again with the fact we’re suffering from FROST every morning. I mean, come on! This is Australia! Not Croydon!!!

  2. Okay, so when I agreed to do this workshop there was no mention that I had to SHARE the chocolate!!!!!! Roll on conference!!!!!!

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