Hey… let me in!!!!!

I thought I better do a quick post before the next GCC tour comes along. My fabulous GCC sisters have been very busy and lots of exciting new books are coming out. Two of which I’m desperate to read (and have ordered) Evermore by Alyson Noel (see previous post) and Miss Match by Wendy Toliver (which will be my next post).

So….. I barged my way back in and all I want to talk about is the weather. Well, it does feature heavily in my thoughts at the moment. Temperatures in my part of NZ are at an all time high. At the moment our temperatures are constantly in the 30s where I live. Such a contrast to the UK at the moment, when they regularly are below freezing and lots of people are snowed in. I’m sure glad to be living here.

TV is good at the moment. House and Boston Legal are both back. As is Idol (be still my beating heart), Criminal Minds and ANTM. And soon Greys, Desperate Housewives and Cold Case will start. I’m sure there are more but my minds gone blank!

Our house is back to being quiet again (hurray!!) as visitors have gone and children are back to studying. So now what excuse will I make for not writing so much… oh yes… the weather….. lol…. my office is like a goldfish bowl and gets very hot in afternoon…. ok that’s no excuse…. even if I’m not actually writing I’m thinking about it and working out what my characters are going to do next, so it’s not all bad!

Hope you’re all having fun, and writing up a storm if you’re a writer (reading up a storm if you’re a reader).

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