New Year’s What?????????

Someone recently mentioned New Year’s resolutions to me…. WTF!!!!! Surely it’s not that time already. If you can be bothered to look back at my posts over the years, you’ll notice I make a great pronouncement, and every year….. you guessed it…. my resolutions seem to fall by the way side.

So, this year I’ve decided not to make any resolutions. Which feels very weird, but I guess I’ll get used to it.

Other stuff.. check out Amanda’s blog for a chance to win the Firefly DVD.

I’m really getting into X Factor UK – I have to watch on You Tube. There are some amazing people in still… I was upset that Rachel went home though…. check out the Results for Live Show 8, one of her best performances.

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9 thoughts on “New Year’s What?????????

  1. I’m with you– NO RESOLUTIONS! I’m more the “micro-goals” type. You know, the kind that can easily be checked off a list so you feel like you truly accomplished something. Those unmet resolutions are total downers!

  2. I made some “goals” this past year. One was to have a scandalously inappropriate affair. That hasn’t worked out so far but there’s still time…

    Another is I was going to get a passport this year. Really should’ve done that BEFORE I gained all the weight back. *sigh*

    But yeah, I don’t do “resolutions” either.

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