Free Book Friday Teens!!!!

Check out Free Book Friday Teens because this week The Second Virginity of Suzy Green is being featured. There are two autographed copies up for grabs and all you have to do is sign up for a chance to win one.

Other news……. I’ve also joined Twitter which is a lot of fun. I’ve just got to work out how to add it to my blog… I’m sure one of my techno-savvy friends will be able to help.

Writing is going well at the moment, I’m working on two projects which can cause problems as I get all the names confused… but apart from that i’m enjoying the challenge.

Hope you all have a fab weekend… the weather here is glorious…. blue sky, sunny….. what more could you ask…

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5 thoughts on “Free Book Friday Teens!!!!

  1. I usually don’t get the names confused, but I do manage to always have trouble with the spelling. In the last proposal I did, a cp pointed out that I spelled the best friends name three different ways in three chapters. Oy!

  2. I am one of the two who recieved your book “The Second Virginity of Suzy Green” from free book friday teens!!! I have to say I feel in love with the book. It is so awsome and funny, and all of my friends loved it. Thanks so much for a wonderful read!

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