GCC Presents…………. Megan Kelley Hall

I’m thrilled to be touring Megan Kelly Hall. Her debut books sounds awesome. Megan Kelley Hall’s debut novel, SISTERS OF MISERY is a modern-day gothic novel complete with witchcraft and runic mythology. It tells the story of Maddie Crane and her quest to unravel the mystery surrounding her cousin Cordelia’s disappearance. Hawthorne, Massachusetts, a seaside… Read More

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RWA baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m back……. I’m totally shattered…….. and I’m definitely going again!!!! RWA was the most (cue American accent) awesome experience ever. It was so funny because while everyone was asking me to speak (they love the UK accent) all I wanted to do was listen to the American accent (it’s sooo cool). Anyway…. highlights….. omg there… Read More

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