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I’ve been a bit slack with my blogging…… and next year resolve to blog more often… okay, so last year’s resolutions were an unmitigated disaster, but hey 2008 is a brand new year!!!!

love-actually.jpgI hope you’ve all had a fab time over the holidays. I have. My brother came down from Auckland, and we’ve spent our time eating, eating, watching dvds (yes, Love Actually, again) and eating. And yesterday my partner in crime, Amanda Ashby, came round with her family and we did some more eating…… and talking, of course!!!

As far as writing goes, I haven’t been very productive recently, though plan to be once the holidays are over. And I’m also going to use my new laptop more (I’ve been teased greatly by those in the know about its lack of use…… and some have ventured to suggest I only bought it because it was on interest free credit….. as if!) .

Before I sign off, I want to mention a book I’ve just read. It was recommended to me and I wasn’t sure if it was something I’d enjoy, but I did. It was fantastic. And if you’re a fan of Pride and Predjudice I totally recommend it. It’s Mr Darcy’s Diary by Amanda Grange, and is Pride and Prejudice told from his point of view, in diary form.

So, if I don’t blog again this year, have a fab New Year and here’s to a wonderful 2008 for everyone!!!!

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