Honey….. I’m home……

I’m back. Totally shattered from sleep deprivation and sporting a cracking cold…. but that aside I had a fab time. It was so cool to catch up with family and friends I haven’t seen for three years.

One of the highlights has to be meeting up with my crit partner Pat, and staying at her beautiful house in the country – with views to die for. And check out below a couple of guys she invited to tea. Aren’t they the cutest ever? And guess what, they only wanted bread, which left all of Pat’s homemade chocolate mousse for me!


Another highlight was having a university reunion. I have to say the girls all looked the same (they said that about me too… don’t you just love them). We visited all our old haunts in Manchester and spent most of the time laughing about everything we used to get up to. How we ever got our degrees is totally beyond me.

And look what happened while I was away. My cp Amanda Ashby sold her book Zombie Queen of Newbury High to Puffin, in a two book deal. WTG, Amanda. Truly deserved. It is such a laugh outloud story. Watch out for the interview I’m doing with Amanda very soon.

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6 thoughts on “Honey….. I’m home……

  1. Sally!
    Shame about the cold. Maybe if you’d eaten even more chocolate mousse you wouldn’t have got a cold.
    It was great seeing you for real again – just a shame it wasn’t for longer.

    If anyone enlarges the picture of the visitors I invited along to amuse Sally, they’ll notice a row of peculiar things along the window ledge. The wooden blocks and white humidifier also serve as a barrier to stop ducks, pigeons or other birds coming in through the window. Believe me, it’s a bit messy when they mange to get in.

    Get well soon, Sally

  2. Hehehe – glad you’ve seen Pat’s sheep. There are a couple of them who are also very fond of licking my car tyres!!!!! Hope you’re feeling better soon!

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