Cover love……………

My cover has arrived, the day I leave for the UK….. such perfect timing! Hope you love it…. I do. In case you can’t make it out, she’s holding two cherries (the two cherry theme runs through the book, each chapter starts with two cherries beside the number).


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25 thoughts on “Cover love……………

  1. Totally worth waiting for – it rocks and that font is beyond cool (I’d like to say it’s seventies disco but of course I’m far too young to know that!!!!)

  2. Thanks so much for all the lovely comments. I’m in the UK suffering from sleep deprivation, so I take no responsibility for any typos!!!

  3. Dear Sara,

    Just a wee note to say thanks for stopping by to visit my blog – I really apprecaited the comme updating. I think you book cover will really boost sales and get people itching to know more. Fabulous! As is your website -I will have to get myself a groovy website – very cool. Love the chats with authors too.

    Hope you are having, or have had a fab trip “home”

    ps how can I join your chick lit group?

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