Stop Press…..

I’ve just done an interview with the fabulous Vanessa Barneveld. I’d love you to check it out if you have time.

Less than two weeks to go before I go to UK, so I’m busy buying clothes, tidying up all the business admin, judging contest entries, and trying lose a little more weight.  For anyone who remembers my New Year’s resolution, I didn’t quite make the target…. or should that be I missed it by miles?  I haven’t seen my family (apart from one of my brothers who also lives here in NZ)  for 3 years so I’m really looking forward to seeing them all and catching up on all the goss.

I’m suffering withdrawal symptoms now American Idol is over… but at least Ugly Betty is coming back and we still have Desperate Housewives, Greys, House, Boston Legal, Cold Case and ER.

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3 thoughts on “Stop Press…..

  1. I’m so excited that Ugly Betty is coming back on – especially since the only other things I watch over here are Gilmore Girls and Bones. NZ might be a great country but I’m not loving the TV programming!!! Oh, and great interview!

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