Presenting….. Emily Gee

I’m so excited that my very good friend Emily Gee has agreed to let me interview her. Her debut book is incredible, and already selling huge numbers on Amazon, despite it not being due for release until April 30th. Please tell us about your latest book. Thief With No Shadow is a dark and romantic… Read More

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Are we there yet?

No…. but we’re getting closer. In case you’re wondering, I’m referring to the publication of my book. This week I’ve been in contact with both my publicist at Flux, who outlined all the things that will be happening, and also my editor – who has emailed regarding edits/revisions. So it’s all very exciting and makes… Read More

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Presenting…….. Anna Jacobs

I’m thrilled to be interviewing international best-selling author, Anna Jacobs. Please will you tell us about your latest book I’ve got two paperbacks out recently, one from each publisher. One is a modern novel, “The Corrigan Legacy”, a family relationships story with a few twists. The other is a historical saga ‘Bright Day Dawning’, one… Read More

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