Procrastination Rules OK

I have things to do: contest entries to judge; chapter 5 of my new ms to write; outline each book in a potential series I’m thinking of (based on my current ms that’s with a publisher); motel bookwork to do; washing, ironing and all that stuff.

So what have I done today????????? Nothing. Nada. Zilch…….. apart from sit at the pc and surf the net and check the loops I’m on every ten minutes or so. Why? F$@# knows. Other than I’m genetically predisposed to procrastinating on a grand scale. La Grande Procrastination – works well for a title, don’t you think?????

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3 thoughts on “Procrastination Rules OK

  1. Ditch the washing and ironing (I mean come on – priorities, please!!) and you’ve reduced your To Do list by a third! Am I a genius or what?

  2. At least you haven’t pulled the jigsaw out…hey, where are you going? Don’t even think of picking up that new 2 million piece landscape….

  3. I would if I could, but there aren’t any more available in the ones I do – Wasgij – so I’m stuck for a while.

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