The Real World

As much as we dream of living in a rosy-hue lined world, where children are perfect, husbands are undemanding and find time to unwrap chocolates before dropping them lightly into our open mouths while our fingers glide over the keyboard, effortlessly keeping up with our eloquent thoughts, sometimes it just doesn’t happen.

So, then what? Does one carry on writing regardless or does the writing take a nose dive? At the moment I’m in this situation. My energies are taken up with sorting out problems, not of our making, and it’s hard to think of little else. And although I’m managing to write it’s a bit like pushing porridge uphill. Lucky my revisions are out the way and I’m working on my new ms – another young adult.

Btw, still no news on my current YA, which is with a few publishers. Hoping to have news very soon!!!!

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2 thoughts on “The Real World

  1. hahaha omg. I am all agog at the vision of my hubby dropping chocolates into my mouth as I type!

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