Girly Dresser

I’m not normally a girly dresser – as my friends will attest, but in a couple weeks one of my closest friends is getting married and I have bought myself some shoes and bag that are girly in the extreme. And they are GORGEOUS.

Now I might be a writer but I’m hopeless when it comes to describing items of clothing so…….
these shoes have little see through wedges and are see through with a shimmering pink inside and a sort of silvery pink flower on them and have a couple of thin gold bands going down the side (I know my description is making you desperate for a pair). And they are French and tres expensive. The bag is also pink/verging on purple, beaded and definitely doesn’t go with the pink wrap I’m wearing – although I didn’t discover this until I got home because I don’t have a good eye for colour – unlike my daughter or my mother (why did this gene miss me, as did the big boob gene and photographic memory gene). But clashing colours will not deter from wearing them.

The girl in the shop assures me I can wear the shoes with jeans after the event. I certainly hope so. I can also wear them at the writing conference I’m going to in August. So I can justify the expense to myself. Trouble is, I couldn’t hide the cost from dh because when I took them out of the box to show him the price was on both shoes for the whole world to see. Though it did placate him a little (not a lot) when I said they had 25% off.

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6 thoughts on “Girly Dresser

  1. ooh Sara, they sound totally cute! And it’s a well known fact that men just don’t ‘get’ shoes, even with 25% off. Don’t they understand how much money we’re saving??

  2. Hehehehe – I think perhaps Sara’s dh DID work out how much money she was saving, and that was wgat led him to realise how much she had spent! But it’s all relative anyway since men spend money on completely stupid things that go in a golf cart of slot into a computer. And usually the smaller the item, the more expensive it is. And there isn’t even any pink glitter stuff on them. Yawn.

  3. Malcolm Sugar (no relation to Alan)

    Bob has asked me to take over for him. So, I’ll be posting from now on.

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