Are We There Yet?

You know how the kids ask ‘are we there yet?’ before you’ve even reached the end of the road. Well, that’s how it is between me and my email. Every 5 minutes (sometimes less…. ok, very often less) I’m checking for an email from my agent to see whether (in my wildest dreams) or whether not (as the more rational side of my brain insists will happen) an editor wants to buy my book.

And let me tell you, it’s driving me crackers. You read all about the need to be patient in this business. How you should forget about it and concentrate on your new, begging to be written, latest potential bestseller (yeah, I know, I am nothing if not an optimist). Well, all I can say is:


It’s impossible. I sit at my computer staring at the little green man on the bottom righthand side of my screen willing him to jump into life. And when he does, and a little box shoots up in the air telling me I have an email, the whole gamut of emotions charge through my head faster than a speeding bullet – ending in utter deflation when the email offers not the life-changing chance of publication but the life-changing chance of a penile enlargement. But, I don’t have a penis…..

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In case you were wondering what happened since signing with my agent, I thought I’d give an update. Well, Sara requested some revisions and I spent some time undertaking them. I passed them to my CPs for the once over and they were not pleased – to say the least. ‘Get back and do them… Read More

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Girly Dresser

I’m not normally a girly dresser – as my friends will attest, but in a couple weeks one of my closest friends is getting married and I have bought myself some shoes and bag that are girly in the extreme. And they are GORGEOUS. Now I might be a writer but I’m hopeless when it… Read More

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Exciting News

I’ve just signed with agent Sara Crowe from Harvey Klinger for my young adult novel ‘Virgin on the Ridiculous’. It all happened so quickly it still hasn’t sunk in – lucky for me my fab crit partners are reminding me on a regular basis. So here’s how it all happened: I queried Sara mid November… Read More

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Tagged Again

What is it about me??? Do I invite Taggers? If I do, it’s not intentional. Anyway, I’ve been tagged again, this time by my ‘friend’ Amanda. So here goes…….. Seven Things: To do before I die: Star in a Broadway musical Star in a Westend musical Conduct a symphony orchestra (are you detecting a theme… Read More

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Amanda’s Sale

The perfect way to ressurect my blog is by reporting Amanda Ashby’s (good friend and fab crit partner) first sale. A single title to NAL. Needless to say we (that is, all her friends) are really thrilled and excited and have been celebrating in style with her. Yay Amanda – let this be the first… Read More

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