Very excited to announce latest sale to Entangled Teen. My book Will the Real Abi Saunders Stand Up will be published in 2014. Here’s what it’s about: Seventeen year old Abi Saunders might be a kick boxing champion, but when it comes to meeting new people she’s not so brave. Which is why when her… Read More

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Check it out!!!

I’m posting at Teen Fiction Cafe today. Nothing else to report except everything is crazy busy at the moment with the move and it being the busiest time of year in the motel!!!! By Sara Hantz | Filed under News | Leave a Comment Share

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So….. I found out why all my January posts vanished…. something to do with it crashing. Anyway, now my post saying things were missing has gone and instead an older post has come back….. too weird!!! Hopefully, this will stay up……. Have a great weekend….. I’m up to my neck in sorting stuff for the… Read More

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