Like Minds

Just had a fab weekend with some girly writing friends. We did nothing but drink, eat, and talk about writing…….. total bliss! Of course, today I’m suffering – having put on 4 llbs over the weekend. My fault entirely. I come off my diet and instead of being sensible I go totally mad. But it… Read More

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Procrastination Rules OK

I have things to do: contest entries to judge; chapter 5 of my new ms to write; outline each book in a potential series I’m thinking of (based on my current ms that’s with a publisher); motel bookwork to do; washing, ironing and all that stuff. So what have I done today????????? Nothing. Nada. Zilch……..… Read More

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The Real World

As much as we dream of living in a rosy-hue lined world, where children are perfect, husbands are undemanding and find time to unwrap chocolates before dropping them lightly into our open mouths while our fingers glide over the keyboard, effortlessly keeping up with our eloquent thoughts, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. So, then what?… Read More

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The Write Way

One of my witchy friends told me that sometimes my obsession with the logical can be a tad annoying – though she may have revised her opinion after I helped her solve a problem the other day!!! And this logical streak means I cannot accept it when people tell me their characters do things of… Read More

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My Affair With Jim

Okay, that should be gym but Jim caught your attention, didn’t it? So, where to start? Once upon a time, long long ago (well, a couple of weeks before christmas) I embarked on my affair with gym. My aim was twofold: first to build up my calf muscles so the bottom of legs had more… Read More

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