Contest Promo

From Lauren Barnholdt’s Blog Introducing….THE REALITY CHICK BUZZ THE BOOK contest! The PRIZES: (1) Your choice of either an iPod Shuffle, OR a fifty dollar gift certificate (2) An autographed copy of REALITY CHICK by Lauren Barnholdt (3) A copy of the August issue of Teen People, which lists REALITY CHICK as a Can’t-Miss… Read More

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Little and Often

I’m not one of those people who can sit for hours at a time writing. In fact, I can’t sit for hours at a time doing anything – thanks to my 20 second attention span. Interruptions don’t bother me. I can stop writing mid-sentence to answer the phone or chat – it’s not unheard of… Read More

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The Long and the Short of It

One of my CPs, Christina, has just finished her manuscript, which we’ve affectionately named Kill Lil. A huge worry for Christina was that the book would come in at over 100k – she feared it might even reach 110k. This got me thinking about why some people write ‘long’ and others (I count myself amongst… Read More

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