Farewell 2016

I have to say that 2016 has emotionally been a very mixed year for me. There have been some unbelievably sad times and some exciting times also. The number of celebrities who have passed has seemed unprecedented. Too many to mention, though the ones which hit me hardest were:

David Bowie david-bowie

Terry Wogan terry-wogan

Alan Rickman alan-rickman

Victoria Wood


Then at the end of February, we lost our precious Labrador, Ellie. She was just over 14 which is a good age for a Labrador. It’s been so very hard to deal with, though I sense her with us all of the time.



Writing has been a good year for me. I sold my book “There’s Something About Nik” to Entangled and it’s due out on the 13th February 2017. I’m not allowed to share the cover yet, but will as soon as I have the green light. What I can say is that it’s perfect!


Another exciting thing that’s happened is that we’ve finally moved back to New Zealand, from Australia. Although I originally come from the UK, I now think of New Zealand as home. The scenery is breathtaking and the people lovely.


Finally, I’ve joined forces with Amanda Ashby to launch The Creative Author, offering a personalized coaching service to writers on their journey to publication. We’re very excited about this venture and I’ll be keeping you updated on it. Check us out on Facebook


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