Top 5 Reasons I Love Writing Contemporary Young Adult Romance



Entangled Teen is having a crazy sale on all the books in the Crush imprint, including mine Falling for the Wrong Guy. From 26 September to 2 October all Crush books are going to be 99 cents!!! Seems a great time to get some fabulous books.

To tie in with this promotion I’m writing a post on the top 5 reasons why I love writing contemporary young adult romance, so here goes….. pinning it down to only 5 wasn’t easy 🙂

  • I love writing about the emotional turbulence being a teen involves. Relationships, friendships, traumatic events. It’s such a crazy time. It’s fun to watch my characters navigate these emotions and come out the other side having grown as individuals.
  • It’s fun revisiting my teen years through my characters. The emotions they experience are ones I’ve been through myself. I have to make sure not to be judgemental and to remember that they don’t have the benefit of hindsight, that I now have.
  • I love engaging with teen readers. They’re much more likely to engage with me as an author than adult readers do. Also, they tell it like it is. If they love and can relate to one of my stories they will say, without holding anything back. If they don’t like something, they’ll also say.
  • I love reading contemporary young adult romance. They are some of my favourite reads. I’m firmly of the belief that you should write what you love to read. So writing young adult books was a no-brainer.
  • I love that my books can help teens if they’re facing a difficult situation. If I can help just one reader deal with something, whether it’s to do with relationships, friendships or family then it makes writing really worthwhile.
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