Australia Day Blog Hop!!!!!!

I’m thrilled to be taking part in the Australia Day blog hop (more about it here). I’m not Australian (I come from the UK) but have lived here for two and a half years, after spending 10 years in New Zealand. There are quite a few differences between living in Australia and living in the UK and, not counting the weather, the biggest is at this time of year.

winter xmas

It’s winter in the UK. When you go to work in the morning it’s dark, and when you come home from work in the evening it’s dark. That I don’t miss, but what I do miss is all the Christmas and New Year excitement. Every shop puts up Christmas lights, and so do the main streets in most towns. It’s very festive. Everyone wraps up warm because of the cold and it’s just a lovely atmosphere.

australia xmas

In Australia, especially here in Queensland, it’s very hot, and only people like us have the full Christmas lunch – turkey, stuffing, roast potatoes, veg, bread sauce and gravy!!

Having said that, I love living here. The weather is amazing, and being able to walk on the beach every day can’t be beaten.

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January 2 Sara Hantz
January 3 Annie Seaton
January 4 Imogene Nix
January 5 Caitlyn Nicholas 
January 6 Tima Maria Lacoba
January 7 Nicole Flockton
January 8 Wendy L. Curtis
January 10 Susan Horsnell
January 11 Susanne Bellamy
January 12 J’aimee Brooker
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January 14 Ann B Harrison
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January 16 Jenny Schwartz
January 17 Donna Gallagher
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January 24 Eve Rabi
January 25 Kendall Talbot
January 26 Annie Seaton-Prize draw
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13 thoughts on “Australia Day Blog Hop!!!!!!

  1. Hi Sara

    Like you I come from the UK …. I have been here for just over 30 years and was in my 30’s before we came …. I still cannot get used to the hot Christmas and new year…. But we have gone to salads for the Christmas dinner lol

  2. Hi Sara. I see you are a fellow Queenslander. We have been living there for 5 years but are currently in Canberra until November this year. We can’t wait to get back. My parents are rom the UK and said it took a bit of getting used to having warm Christmases.

  3. Hi Sara

    I have lived in NSW all my life and although I am not close to the beach I have spent many holidays at the beach and we always have the traditional hot Christmas lunch 🙂

    Have fun

  4. I live in central Florida and the weather here is normally nice… not hot, but not cold… at Christmastime. I don’t miss the snow and ice at all :-)))

  5. I live in Wisconsin, USA and it has been snowing here for 2 straight days…. but on the bright side it has warmed up to 18 degrees F! The Polar Bear swimmers were at the beach for their annual Polar Plunge, and they had to break the ice to get in! Bring on the heat and the pavlova!

  6. Barbara, I’m not sure I’ll ever turn to salads for Christmas…..

    Susan, I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to a sunny Christmas hahahha

    Helen, glad to hear you’re keeping up with tradition!!

    Linda, I definitely don’t miss snow and ice either, that’s for sure 🙂

    Mary, interesting that you have the pavlova, a traditional Aussie/Kiwi dish!

  7. I am Australian but lived in the UK for a couple of years and I remember especially on Australia Say noticing how different the weather was it made me incredibly homesick, I had to go to work on the 26th but I did take my koala and flag

  8. I enjoyed your comparison of the UK and Aussie Christmas, and had the wonderful experience of meeting a dear, online Aussie friend here in the UK a couple of years back. We didn’t have much time together, but even in that short time, I learned of the many differences between the two cultures.

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