So, what’s new?????

Don’t you find it frustrating when people post that things are happening but they can’t say what for the time being????

I know I do!!!!

Guess what…….. things are happening, but I can’t say what for the moment, hahahahahaha, apart from this is not to do with my writing!!

Aside from that…… hmmmmm….. what else is going on??? Well, I’m writing up a storm on my new ms…. well, maybe not a storm just a small shower… but nonetheless it’s progressing.

All my TV progs seems to be drawing to a close which is frustrating, but it always happens as we approach summer. Apart from Glee, which has just started and I can’t understand some of the negative feedback I’m hearing, because I think it’s totally awesome still!!!

That’s it for now, have a fabulous weekend (what’s left of it!!)

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