Spring is in the air!!!!

So it’s spring in NZ and where we are the weather is fabulous – probably not the best day for me to say this seeing as NZ is in the middle of being hit by the worst storm ever apart from where we are in the east.

Anyway, storm aside, I love coming out of winter because it means summer is not far away, and for me in an ideal world there would only be one season…. summer. I could happily live with blue skies and sunshine everyday of the year – I realise we need rain, but rain can fall when I’m asleep!!!

Of course, spring also signifies change…. and yesterday we put our motel on the market, hopefully for it to be sold early next year so we can head over to Sunshine Coast in Australia around July time!! I’m very excited about that, so watch this space!!

Other news, on the writing front I’m working on a new book, and trying to make it as scary and creepy as I can!!! Who knew after all these years of loving stuff tied with a little pink bow, I’d get such pleasure from being so creepy?

That’s it for now….. no point in me saying I’ll try to be a better blogger because that’s a bit too much like the girl who cried wolf!!!

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