I’m back!!!!!!

Got home from the Romance Writers of Australia conference the other day and had the most amazing time. It’s the first time I’ve been to this conference and was also presenting a YA workshop with my friend and CP Amanda Ashby.

We laughed and laughed all through the weekend, in fact it started in the taxi on our way there. The taxi driver asked where we were heading and we said to a romance writers conference…. big mistake!!! He then handed us something he’d written, complete with pen, and asked us to look at it. Luckily for me I can’t read in a car because it makes me feel sick. So, Amanda took charge. After assuring him several times that it was very well written, and that no it didn’t need any more emotion (it turns out it was a sermon he was giving about the composer Hayden and his religious beliefs) he allowed us to pass it back to him. But then, having discovered that Amanda’s husband is a composer decided us regale us with his version of Ave Maria (hummed!!).

The conference was so slick, the workshops amazing and getting the chance to meet all the people I’d only known online was awesome. And of course catching up with people I already know, and love, was fab too.

So here are my some of my photos:

Amanda and Christina (my fab CPs) also known as the Tiara Girls, or as we’ve now decided to rename ourselves the Tiara Mafia…. which we thinks sounds more kickass!!!!

Me by the Sydney Opera House, it was awesome!

The Tiara Mafia at the cocktail party

Cocktail party: I can’t remember the name of the person on the left, sorry, who we met; Amanda, Christina, Giovanna, Kris, Trish Morey.

Me, Emily Gee/May, Amanda at the cocktail party – Emily is trying on the Tiara for size.

It was fantastic to meet Vanessa Barneveld again and she came out to dinner with us on the Sunday.

At our YA workshop: me, Amanda and the fabulous Robyn Grady who introduced us, and lived to tell the tale!!

Emily and Barb enjoying drinks in our room before the awards dinner!!!

That’s it for photos, I wish I’d taken more. I can’t believe I don’t have any of the fabulous Rachel (soon to be neighbor), Amy, Allison Rushby, Anna Campbell, Maxine Sullivan, Kerri Lane, Louise, Nalini……. I could go on forever.

Next year I’ll try better!

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