Count down to conference…….

A week today and we’ll be flying to Sydney, and if I said I was getting excited that would be an understatement….

I haven’t started packing yet but my suitcase is open beside the bed and I’m dropping things in there, or near there as I remember…. most importantly our three Tiaras. Because what is a Tiara Girl without her Tiara. The Tiara Girls are Amanda Ashby, Christina Phillips and me. We’ve been crit partners and best friends for years and it’s only once a year (though we’re planning for more when Amanda and I move to Australia) that we can all get together. And this year we have so much to celebrate, not least Christina’s debut book is just about to launch!!

I’m trying frantically to get as much written of my new book as possible before we go, well at least 50 pages so I can whizz it by my agent to see what she things. Yet again, I’m writing edgy near the knuckle stuff… which seems to be what suits me best.

Anyway, have a great week, I will try and post again before I go away, but with my track record I wouldn’t bet on it.

After conference there will be lots of photos and goss.

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