Another day…..

So……….. I haven’t posted in two weeks, which is long enough for WordPress to forget my log-in…. ooops. Which is always a worry because I can never remember all my different usernames. I thought about writing all my passwords and usernames down in one place, but then you’re told not to do that. Not only that I have so many where would I start?

Anyway, I managed to remember and got in here to blog.

Not a lot has happened, apart from yesterday Amanda and I spent the day preparing for our YA workshop at the Australian conference in 2 weeks and six days. And also creating a very pretty raffle prize (which, seeing as neither of us are creative, was a huge achievement in itself). I’m so looking forward to going…. I’ve never been to Sydney before and can’t wait to see the sights. And of course hearing Deb Dixon on Goal, Motivation and Conflict is going to be the most awesome experience ever. It’s an area that I think I understand until one of my CPs points something out and I realise that maybe I don’t!

Talking of CPs at the moment we’re on a writing 1k a day stint,  and for every time a person misses the target that means they have to buy the other two a drink at conference…. now I know we’ll be doing that anyway but it still seems to be a great incentive. And I’m in charge of recording our progress…. I have my sheet of paper and tick off each day when each person meets their word count. I have the added pressure of having to get my words done before Masterchef…. a new series has started (Australian version) and I LOVE it!!!

Not as much as Glee though, which annoyingly is finishing next week, as are so many of my favorite TV series. Luckily, I got the first two series of Bing Bang Theory for my birthday so I’ve been filling up on those, it has to be the funniest program on TV.

Okay, I’m off to start on my 1k words for today…. as well as the usual motel work which needs doing…. wish me luck!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Another day…..

  1. Surfing through from another writer blog.

    I love Big Bang Theory too. I think it’s hilarious. Even funnier, my husband is a physic’s teacher and he doesn’t find the show the least bit amusing. It’s been a dry month for television. I could have sworn there was more on last year.

    You have a lovely blog. 😀

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