Catch Up

Check out my post on Teen Fiction Cafe about making friends.

Other exciting news, I’ve just signed with the awesome Amy Tipton of Signature Literary Agency, and already my book is out on submission.

Getting really excited because it’s only 5 weeks until we go to the RWAus conference in Sydney. I’ve never been to Sydney before and we’ve scheduled in a little sight-seeing time….. can’t wait to see the Opera House. And also really excited about doing the Deb Dixon workshop on Goal, Motivation and Conflict. And then there’s the matter of our workshop….. we’ve prepared some slides (because the conference organisers needed them for the conference packs) but other than that we haven’t done any more preparation….. nor have we bought the chocolate (which is most important). We’ve found the promise of sweets (candy/lollies) works well when enticing people to attend…..

Hope you all have a great weekend…. I’m hanging out for some sunshine, we’ve had way too much rain and cloud recently.

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