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I’m thrilled to be touring Jessica Brody and her book The Karma Club which releases on April 27 from Farrar, Straus, Giroux Books for Young Readers. I can’t wait to read it.

So, what’s it about:

When you mess with Karma, Karma messes back…

Madison Kasparkova always thought she understood how Karma works. Do good things and you’ll be rewarded, do something bad and Karma will make sure you get what you deserve. But when Maddy’s boyfriend cheats on her, nothing bad comes his way. That’s why Maddy starts the Karma Club, to clean up the messes that the universe has left behind and get back at the people who have wronged them. Sometimes, though, it isn’t wise to meddle with the universe. It turns out Karma often has plans of its own.

Check this out:

And now for the usual questions:

What inspired the plot for your book?

This was definitely one of those ideas that just “came” to me. A friend of mine had told me some horrendous story about how a boy dumped her (I don’t even remember the story, I just remember it was infuriating!) and the entire time she was talking, I kept thinking, “Someone needs to do that right back to him. He can’t just get away with that. He needs a taste of Karma!” And then boom, the idea came to me. A secret society of girls who help each other out, dosing out Karma to those who deserve it when the universe is slow to do it on its own. And thus THE KARMA CLUB was born. Of course, as soon as the idea came to me, I also knew that my characters would never be able to get away with it. Karma is a tricky thing. And you definitely don’t want to meddle with the universe!

Why did you decide to write in this genre?

It was a total fluke, actually. When I first came up with the idea, I thought about it as an adult novel. I had already written two other adult novels so it was the only thing I knew. But as I started fleshing out the story, I realized it didn’t fit at all in an adult world. It was much more of a teenage story. So I wrote out 50 sample pages, sent it to my agent and said, “Does this have any chance of becoming a YA novel?” She wrote loved it and told me I had a very natural voice for young adult. As it turned out, I loved writing it so much that I’ve since sold two more YA novels. I adore this genre. It just feels like a good fit with my writing and storytelling style. Maybe that’s because I’m still a teenager at heart. 

What is your writing process like?

Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. LOL. The writing process is actually very random for me. It all depends on the day. Because I tend to be equally right and left brained, sometimes I feel as though the writing process is just a constant struggle (or sometimes clash) between the two sides of my brain to come up with a consistent way to write a novel. I write outlines, because my analytical side tells me it’s the right thing to do, but then halfway through the story, I come to the conclusion that I only write outlines so that I’ll have something to deviate from. And yet, despite this seemingly random chaos, it all feels perfectly natural to me. As if it was designed specifically for a purpose. So I suppose, my lack of a defined process is a process in itself!

What are you working on now?

I’m working on a new YA book that will be out in 2012 called 52 REASONS TO HATE MY FATHER about a teen heiress who is forced by her ever-absent mogul father to take on a different low-wage job every week for a year if she wants any hope of getting her trust fund. I’m SO excited about it! Plus, I just finished the copyedits on another book that will be out in 2011 called MY LIFE UNDECIDED. And I’m also working on a new YA series that I can’t quite talk about yet. But it’s gonna be SOOOO cool! What do you do when you’re not writing? Think about writing. LOL! Seriously though, when I’m in the middle of a book, it completely consumes me. I live that book. I inhabit that world. I react to things as my character would. It’s actually a really cool process and I love it.

Who do you like to read?

Anything and everything! But I tend to only read fiction. I’m not much of a non-fiction fan, unless it’s research for a book. I love stories. And voices. And fictional worlds. I love to read within my genre. My latest obsession: The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins. OMG…best books ever!


Jessica Brody is the author of two books for adults. The Karma Club is her first book for teens. She currently lives in Los Angeles, California where she is working on her next novel. Despite what some people from her high school might claim, she has never sought revenge on an ex-boyfriend. Visit her online at: http://www.jessicabrody.com

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