Counting down….!!!

I don’t know about you, but I seem to spend my entire life counting down to the next big event! Why do I do it? Wouldn’t life be sweeter if I just lived for the moment? Or would it? Maybe counting down and looking forward to exciting things on the horizon adds something.

At the moment, it’s 5 weeks and 5 days until I go on holiday to the Sunshine Coast!!!!! I think imagining all the things I’ll be doing (which I do constantly) is good because instead of having just 2 weeks there I’m living it over and over.

I’m also counting down to the Australian conference in Sydney in August. I’ve never been to Sydney and can’t wait to explore, as well as catch up with all the RWAustralia members.

So what about you, do you get excited about things that are going to happen? I know some people who say they don’t like to look forward in case it doesn’t work out. I don’t hold with that, because looking forward to things gives me such pleasure, and I wouldn’t swap it.

Oh yes, I almost forgot…………….. make sure you keep checking out Teen Fiction Cafe because from March 1st for a couple weeks there are big things happening!!!!

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4 thoughts on “Counting down….!!!

  1. A vacation sounds so amazing to me right now. Need one. Badly.

    You’ll love Sydney, too. Never been there in winter, though. But I’m sure it’s equally gorgeous. I’ll never forget the first time I flew in. Had a window seat. Could not lift jaw from lap.

    I’m like you… I”m always counting down to something. Right now, it’s to a rapidly approaching deadline though. Ack!

  2. I’m always looking forward to something exciting, too. Especially this time of the year (in the US) when winter seems to be dragging on a bit. I would love to go to Sydney someday! I know you will have a lovely time on your upcoming trips.

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