Why did I do it?

So against my better judgement I posted my new year resolutions…. and guess what…… I’ve broken them already, and it’s only 14th January!!!!

If you’re wondering which ones, it’s probably simpler to say which ones I’m keeping……. the losing 14lbs before my holiday in March (though I have already slipped up, but now I’m back on track).

I went to the library twice, last time over a week ago. I keep forgetting to smile and laugh more (though I usually manage a good laugh every day), having said that have you ever tried to consciously laugh and smile it’s really wierd, especially if you’re sitting in the car and other drivers can see you.

What about you, have you stuck to yours????

Btw, I’m very excited that American Idol is starting soon and we won’t be very far behind the USA…. not that that will stop me checking out the result in advance…. it’s a sickness hahahahahaha

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