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Had a fab weekend in Wellington with my daughter, where we shopped (well, she did) went to the movies to see New Moon, which I enjoyed more than Twilight and talked loads (oh yes, lots of eating too!!)

Writing is going well. I’m working on an outline for a new book, as well as developing a series idea I have.

Very exciting TV week, as we have the final of both Australian Masterchef and Australian Idol. Goodness knows what I’ll be watching next week. At least Glee is still on, which is fast becoming one of my favorite programs. And there’s Mad Men, of course. Oh yes, and NCIS, The Mentalist and ER….  maybe I’ll be okay!

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One thought on “Stuff!!!!

  1. Isn’t Glee great?
    Thanks for the wonderful post on Laurie Faria Stolarz. I sat at a table with her at a SCBWI conference dinner a few years ago and she talked so candidly about her writing process that she hooked me as a fan. Her stories are compelling and always a great read.
    Enjoy the new writing projects and here’s to a wonderful holiday season, too.

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