Wow………. where did the week go?????

I can’t believe it’s Saturday already. This week’s been crazy. In my other life, running a motel, this week we had a reassessment for our Qualmark 5 star (Qualmark is an NZ quality standard). I took care of all the procedural stuff and my partner and our staff anything relating to maintenance/cleaning.  We hadn’t been assessed for eighteen months, and talk about stressful!!! Anyway, we kept our 5 Star and also are going to be recommended for a Bronze Award for Responsible Tourism (that’s all the ‘green’ stuff we’re doing). So, a successful outcome.

Writing wise, both my CPs have finished their latest books, which need to be submitted to agents/editors so I had a lot of critiquing to do. They are both such awesome writers… Amanda writing middle-grade and Christina writing hot paranormal.

I’m going to be writing up a storm as well, as I have a YA book to finish. Not to mention a jigsaw to complete which I’ve just started (don’t tell the CPs) – which always seems to happen when I’m having a writing frenzy. I’ve convinced myself that I need it when I’m writing because it exercises a different part of brain (well, it works for me…. CPs wouldn’t agree).

So, hope you’ve all had a fab week!

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4 thoughts on “Wow………. where did the week go?????

  1. Sara congrats on retaining the 5 star rating and getting the Bronze Award recommendation. Sounds like a hectic week for you.

    Good luck with the writing — (whispering – & the jigsaw puzzle). 🙂

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