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Finally, I’ve managed to download my conference photos, which btw was a totally fabulous experience and one I wish I could repeat more often!! Not only were the speakers excellent….. Mary Jo Putney on Brainstorming was a total revelation….. the networking was awesome and we had such a laugh. And as is so often the case, the best of social times was the little pre-awards dinner drinks party we had in our room. Omg I haven’t laughed so much in ages (actually, yes, Maree Anderson had us in fits at the dinner, but I can’t go into detail!!)

Anyway, here are the photos:

1. Andrew (my brother, who ever year we go out to dinner with on the Thursday night), Christina Phillips.

2. Barbara Clendon in her totally awesome dress for the awards dinner (theme fantasy) – she did, as usual, steal the show!!!!!!

3. Christina Phillips and Amanda Ashby (my fabulous CPs)

4. Me, Nalini Singh (NYT besting selling author), Sandra Hyatt (Desire author)

5.Christina Phillips, Shelley Munro (Author)

6. Sue Knight (publicity officer), Kris Pearson (membership officer)

7.Abby Gaines (Superromance/Nascar author), Sandra Hyatt

8.Me, Giovanna (fabulous friend)

9. Nalini, Christina, Amanda and Me.

10. Nalini (who does seem to be in a lot of my photos!), Natalie Anderson (Presents author)

11. President Pat, dressed as a witch for the awards dinnerMotel 069

Motel 024

Motel 007Motel 010Motel 016Motel 019Motel 084Motel 037Motel 049Motel 061Motel 045

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