My bags are packed…. I’m ready to go

Okay, so that’s a lie….. but my suitcase is on the floor of my bedroom and I’ve dropped a few things in it, around it, on top of it, in close proximity to it… you get the picture. Tomorrow I leave for the annual RWNZ conference.

I’m really excited because Christina is coming over from Australia to be with Amanda and I, and we always have such fun. I’m the MC for the conference this year, as well as running a workshop with Amanda, and acting Secretary for the AGM…. so it’s gonna be a busy few days. It’ll be so cool to meet up with people we only ever see once a year, and catch up on all the goss…. did I mention how much I love knowing everything?

And when we come back it’s all hands to the latest ms, to get it into shape…. conferences always motivate me.

So, I’ll report back with photos… on my new ‘works underwater’ camera I got for my birthday…. a real must have because I take so many photos underwater (doesn’t everyone?).

Actually talking of birthdays (did you like the seamless link?) – how weird is it that the three of us: me, Amanda and Christina were all born on the 18th? Amanda 18th April, me 18th July and Christina 18th August….. it’s gotta be a sign (don’t ask of what).

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8 thoughts on “My bags are packed…. I’m ready to go

  1. *sigh* Wish I could stalk you and Amanda there but I guess we just have to stick to cyber stalking for now.

    By the way, I LOVE that you have an underwater camera. Don’t know why but I think I got a bit of a girl crush on you now. 🙂

  2. Hahah it’s a good job I didn’t read this post about your case before I left last week!!

    Conference was awesome, I had such a fantastic time catching up with everyone and hanging out with the witches! Here’s to next year already!!!

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