Take the challenge!!!!!

I’m spending today sorting everything out, so I can start the 10k a week writing challenge, set for me by my wonderful critique partners….. I say ‘wonderful’ loosely because not only do they set the challenge, they monitor my progress and get on to me if I’m not meeting it. Seriously, what sort of friends do that to you?

Anyway, I’ve got my own back because I’m insisting that they join me mwhahahahahaha. And I can be just as hard as they can!!!!!

In preparation, so far today I’ve done the staff wages for the motel (well, I’d have done them anyway), I’ve updated all the online websites the motel is on (and believe me that’s a killer), I’ve been round to see Amanda (one of the aforementioned CPs), I went to the wholesale place for some chips for the motel (but forgot the cheque book, so that was a wasted journey), eaten a packet of chewy mints (actually I’ll refrain from listing everything I’ve eaten so far seeing as it’s not even lunch time), I’ve done the washing, made another list because of all the things I’ll be crossing off this one. And this afternoon, I intend to watch Gossip Girl, 11th hour (which I recorded) and Ugly Betty. Then later it’s NCIS.

So, will I be ready for tomorrow…. you bet I will. I’ll aim for 2k words a day with 2 days off for emergencies (like when Amanda comes round for us to prepare the workshop we’re doing at conference).

Enjoy your weekend!

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