It doesn’t get better than this!!!!!!

I am beyond excited to tell you that one of my CPs, the fabulous Christina Phillips (in the middle of the photo between me and Amanda) has signed with an awesome agent. Christina is the most amazing writer ever and the book she’s been signed with is one of the best she’s written (if not the best) I LOVE it so much.

So watch out because this girl is going to make it big…… as in HUGE!!!!!!!

So pop over to her blog to congratulate her. And remember….. you heard it here first….. unless you’ve already been over to her site, Amanda’s site or Pat’s site, of course (I’m a few hours late to the party, but a girls gotta sleep).

Other news, I’m having a Meg Cabot reading fest. Wow, she’s an awesome writer such a light touch, real page turning stuff!

I’m also writing up a storm myself at the moment, thanks to the constant kicks in the butt my delightful CPs have seen fit to give me 🙂

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9 thoughts on “It doesn’t get better than this!!!!!!

  1. I just ate a giant piece of chocolate cake in order to help Christina celebrate. I know – I’m a giver, but what can you do when it’s in the genes???

  2. Aaaaaaargh! I congratulated Christina here yesterday but my comment must be floating in cyber space. I celebrated with chocolate ice cream soda.

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