Don’t wait up…..

Because I won’t be around for a while, until the end of May to be precise. One more sleep and then I’m off until the end of May. I’m going back to the UK to catch up with family and friends. The plane journey is horrendous. An hour to Auckland, then a 4 hour wait then from NZ to LA (12 hours), then a 2 hour wait, then LA to UK (12 hours), then car to my parents (3 hours). We’re in transit for over 30 hours. The only plus is all the movies I can watch on the plane!

We’ve lived in New Zeland for nearly 8 years and moving here was the best decision we ever made. It truly is the most fabulous place ever to live.  The weather, the awesome scenery, the easy going way of life….. I could go on all day!

The only problem is missing Idol! But I’m setting up my dvd to record it – providing TVNZ stick to the same sceduling that they have done so far.

On the plus side, I will be able to watch the Eurovision Song Contest which is on while I’m there.

I doubt I’ll be doing any writing while I’m way…. well, when I say doubt I mean definitely, seeing as I’m not taking my laptop or anything to work on. I will take my note book though in case I get any ideas! And i’m also taking Blake Snyder’s Save the Cat which I intend to study with my highlighter pen!!

so, happy writing, reading, or doing whatever you’re doing and I’ll see you again in June 🙂

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