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I’m thrilled to be touring fellow Flux author Lucienne Diver and her book Vamped, which I’m hanging out to read, it sounds so funny.

Brief excerpt and description

From “Valley Vamp Rules for Surviving Your Senior Prom” by VAMPED heroine Gina Covello:

Rule #1: Do not get so loaded at the after prom party that you accidentally-on-purpose end up in the broom closet with the surprise hottie of the evening, say the class chess champ who’s somewhere lost his bottle-cap lenses and undergone an extreme makeover, especially if that
makeover has anything to do with becoming one of the undead.

Gina Covello has a problem. Waking up a dead is just the beginning. There’s very little she can’t put up with for the sake of eternal youth and beauty. Blood-sucking and pointy stick phobias seem a small price to pay. But she draws the line when local vampire vixen Mellisande gets designs on her hot new boyfriend with his prophecied powers and hatches a plot to turn all of Gina’s fellow students into an undead army to be used to overthrow the vampire council.

Hey, if anyone’s going to create an undead entourage, it should be Gina! Now she must unselfishly save her classmates from fashion disaster and her own fanged fate.

Now for my questions:

What inspired the plot for your book?
The fact that my first draft didn’t have one…not really…and I needed a plot in order to actually sell my work . Okay, that’s not entirely true. It had a plot. Protagonists and antagonists, internal and external conflict and all that jazz, but I let my characters get carried away and the storyline got away from me. My first draft was about 80% voice, which is the part that comes easily to me, 20% plot, which isn’t. With enough blood, sweat and tears, though, I eventually, five or ten drafts down the line, came up with something worth pitching.

Why did you decide to write in this genre?
I didn’t so much decide as have my protagonist spring fully formed into my head. She was a teen fashionista turned vamp and horrified by the very idea of eternal life without tanning options. She’d put in a full day of extreme shopping to find just the right dress for graduation and now she wasn’t even going to get to walk down that aisle. I felt for her! Her story just naturally leant itself to YA.

What is your writing process like?
As you can tell from my answer to question #1, I’m a bit of a pantser, as opposed to a plotter. I generally have my characters very well developed in my head and only a general idea of where I want to take them, which is why I end up with so many drafts. Lately, I’ve gotten smarter about that and about plotting things out, at least the major points, to be sure that the pacing is there and the suspense/action never flags.

I’m also a hand-writer. My first draft is always done on a notebook. I change things as I type them into the computer, so by the time I hit “save,” I have what amounts to a second draft. Unfortunately, I can’t write creatively on a keyboard. I also can’t edit on screen. I wish I could, but I try to be as green as possible. I’ll print out my drafts on the back of earlier drafts and reuse every piece of paper I can. When I can’t use them any longer, they’re off to the recycling center.

What are you working on now?
A middle grade idea that’s been talking at me for some time. It’s a very different voice from Vamped, but one I’m just as intrigued with. Still has that new idea smell.

What do you do when you’re not writing?
I’m a literary agent! I work with over forty fabulous authors of fantasy, science fiction, mystery, suspense and romance. I’m a voracious reader. If I have any time after reading, writing, hanging out with my family and sleeping, I bead.

Who do you like to read?
All of my authors (David B. Coe, Marjorie M. Liu, Susan Krinard, Faith Hunter, Rachel Caine, Debra Mullins, etc.)! Plus Janet Evanovich, Joshilyn Jackson, Sharyn McCrumb, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Mary Stewart, Laurell K. Hamilton…. I could go on all day and not come to the end!

What people are saying:
“VAMPED is a total delight! Diver delivers a delightful cast of undead characters and a fresh, fast take on the vampire mythos. Next installment, please!” — Rachel Caine, New York Times bestselling author of the Morganville Vampires series

“I really sunk my teeth into Lucienne Diver’s VAMPED. A fun, frothy, teenage romp with lots of action, a little shopping, and a cute vampire guy. Who could ask for more?” — Marley Gibson, author of GHOST HUNTRESS: The Awakening

“This book rollicked along, full of humor, romance, and action. Gina is a smart-aleck heroine worth reading about, a sort of teenage Besty Taylor (Undead and Unwed) with a lot of Cher Horowitz (Clueless) thrown in. Fans of Katie Maxwell will devour “Vamped.” — Rosemary Clement-Moore, author of the Maggie Quinn: Girl vs. Evil series

“Move over Buffy! Lucienne Diver transfuses some fresh blood into the vampire genre. Feisty, fashionable and fun–Vamped is a story readers will sink their teeth into and finish thirsty for more.” —Mari Mancusi, author of The Blood Coven Vampires series

Lucienne Diver is a long-time book addict who went to work for NYC’s Spectrum Literary Agency fifteen years ago to feed her habit. Recently, she traded in her high-rise for a lake view. She now lives in Florida and works for The Knight Agency . Through various play-dates and in various coffee bars, on the backs of envelopes, carry-out bags and anything else within reach, including, sometimes, her checkbook, she’s penned the serio-comic tale of what happens when a young fashionista goes from chic to eek.

Publisher: www.fluxnow.com
Author: www.luciennediver.com
Author blog: http://varkat.livejournal.com

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