Idol Fever!!!!!

I am the hugest American Idol fan ever. I’ve watched every series apart from the first (because we didn’t get it in the UK).

In terms of talent, this series for me is the most amazing ever. We’re a week behind in NZ but i can’t wait so I always watch the performances on itunes. I just watched this week’s and O.M.G. they were all brilliant. This is so unprecedented. I have my favs, then someone else sings and I’m blown away. I LOVE Adam… reminds me of Freddie Mercury. And Allison, her voice is so recognizable and totally amazing. And then there’s Danny, another one with an instantly recognisable voice. And Kris…. cute or what and his voice just seems to be getting better and better.

As for the final…. I’d love to see a three-way final but I know that’s not gonna happen (Adam, Allison, Danny). So, I think I want it to be Adam and Allison. But what about Danny…. and Kris….. see it’s so hard.

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4 thoughts on “Idol Fever!!!!!

  1. Sara – we are as one when it comes to Idol. Though I’m still convinced that Adam is Elvis’s secret love child. From a side profile it’s just uncanny. I definitely love him the best but I have loads of love for the other three (though poor Kris really got hit with the ugly stick didn’t he!!!!!). Right now I keep trying to avoid finding out what has happened until we get the episodes but of course I’m failing miserably!!!!!!

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