Presenting……………… Christina Phillips!!!!!

I can’t begin to say how excited I am to be interviewing my great friend and CP, Christina Phillips, whose debut Foretaste of Forever has just been released.

FORETASTE OF FOREVER is a dark erotic romance with paranormal elements, published by the Scarlet line of The Wild Rose Press (

Elyesha, last surviving descendant of a line of powerful witches, finally finds the only man she’s ever loved, the man who deserted her countless years before. But Ben is torn between desire and despair when Elyesha, his only love, eventually penetrates his protective retreat. He knows what she wants, but the price of their love is too high. At midnight, on the beach, a battle of wills and erotic seduction ensues as each confronts the other’s darkest fears.

What inspired the plot for your book?

This story was actually inspired by a recurring dream I had over a four year time frame. I knew nothing about this couple who met on a storm tossed beach at midnight except that they were desperately in love and destined to be forever apart.

Eventually, I decided to write their story down, just to get it out of my head – and amazingly the dreams stopped. But it wasn’t until a few years later when, encouraged by my awesome CPs (who shall remain nameless, Sara, Amanda and Pat… oops…!) I went back to it and added the spice and submitted to The Wild Rose Press.

Why did you decide to write in this genre?

I’m so glad you asked this question, Sara!!! Well, when I first started writing nine years ago I targeted category romance. One day, after a chat with my cps when I declared I could never write first person chick lit, I did exactly that.

Then, after another chat with my cps when I said I could never possibly write paranormal, I wrote two paranormal romances.

It was at this point my amazingly clever cps enquired when I was going to give erotic romance a shot, since I appeared to have a knack for it.

I sat my cps down and kindly explained I could never write erotic romance, as it was far too hard. Then I turned round and dived into it head first, and discovered I absolutely adored writing dark erotic romance!

What is your writing process like?

Not pretty! Back in the day I planned everything in advance, from how many pages each chapter would be to snippets of dialogue. Now I don’t plan at all, and while flying into the mist can be exciting I also find it quite terrifying at times, as I rarely have a clue what’s going to happen next. I also continually edit as I go, back tracking and inserting things earlier in the book so it all hangs together. At least, that’s the idea!!

What are you working on now?

Currently I’m writing another erotic romance set during the Roman invasion of Cymru. This is a full length novel, not a short story, and I’m really enjoying it. (This is Sara… just want to add this is possibly the best book Christina has written. It’s awesome)

What do you do when you’re not writing?

I usually relax in the spa on the deck, where Clive Owen feeds me peeled grapes and tends to my every whim… oh, you mean outside of my imagination? OK *sigh* Well my one husband and three adorable children keep me on my toes although why they think they need to be fed every night is a mystery to me. “Christina cooking” is truly an oxymoron. I’m an expert at ignoring dust bunnies and toppling piles of ironing, and can often be found chatting on MSN with writer friends (it’s all in the line research! It’s not like we’re gossiping or anything like that). Reading of course! Catching up on movies. Sometimes I even sleep.

Who do you like to read?

This is a hard question to answer as I love so many different authors! I enjoy romantic comedy and romance which has light or dark paranormal elements, or is a bit quirky or has a strange twist on reality.

And finally, please tell us a little about yourself:

I moved to sunny Australia from the UK almost ten years ago with my very own hero and our three adorable children. Over the last few years as I’ve actively sought publication for the romances I love writing, I’ve tried my hand at category romance, chick lit, paranormal and now dark erotic romance. My mantra is Never Say Never, because I will immediately go and do whatever I said I could never attempt!

You can find me at my website:

Or check out what I’ve been up to lately at my blog:

I also have a MySpace page: (come and friend me, I’d love to see you!)

Manic Readers:

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7 thoughts on “Presenting……………… Christina Phillips!!!!!

  1. Well Christina…I’m following around today. Have to show our fellow writers some support, especially since you have your debut book out. WooHoo! BTW – love the Clive Owen comment. Clive Owen – *sigh*

  2. Sara, I’m here!! Thank you for your lovely comment on my Roman!!!

    Eleni, yes I seem to be name dropping Clive everywhere, I can’t help it he’s my (not so) secret addiction!!!

    Kaye thank you for dropping by!! And I am so glad you enjoyed FoF!!!

  3. Congratulations, Christina! I’m fascinated by how other writers work. Sounds like you have a fabulous crit team. 😉 Have your other books come to you in dreams?

  4. Hi Vanessa! Thank you so much for your congrats!

    I do have a fabulous crit team, I can’t even imagine not being part of the witches – that would be a nightmare!!

    Unfortunately no other book has come to me in a dream the way FOF did. Thinking back, I can’t help wondering whether that recurring dream was a sign from my subconscious to try a dark romance, and I was just too dense to realise!!!

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