Conferenced out…… and other things!!!!

So, finally I’m getting around to posting about the RWNZ conference. Which was FANTASTIC!!!!!! OMG, Margie Lawson is the most amazing presenter ever. I learnt so much. In fact, I had so many light-bulb moments I should be able to light up the whole of the southern hemisphere!!!

And our two workshops went well. In fact we earned the accolade of Noisiest Workshop for our YA workshop….. I put it down to the sugar high our participants were on after all the edible prizes we were distributing!!!

Anyway, so here are some pics…. I didn’t take that many, but luckily I have friends who did….

Amanda, Me, Margie Lawson, Christina Phillips

Me and Deborah Challinor

Our illustrious photographer, Clare!

Most of the Conference Committee – Kris, Bron, Diana, Gracie, Rachel, Giovanna, Me

Our workshop – don’t be fooled by the knowledgeable look on Amanda’s face….. I’m feeding her all her lines…..

The Executive at the cocktail party (hence some of them being dressed as cats!). Pat, Gracie, Brown, Rachel, Me, Karen (who’s taking over as Secretary from me).

What else….. well, I went to see Mamma Mia again on Monday and, yet again, laughed until tears were streaming down my face on several occasions. Cried at the sad bit too. Can’t wait to go again (and again, and again, and again…).

Two weeks on Monday we’re going away for a week to the Sunshine Coast in Australia…. can’t wait…. I have a pile of books this high to take with me… both YA and adult. My fingers are itching to start some of them now but I’m forcing myself to hold off. Actually, as I’m reading the latest Allison Brennan it’s ok. She is the most amazing writer ever. I don’t read romantic suspense apart from her….. her storytelling ability….. I’m in total awe!

Finally, hop over to Melissa Walker’s blog…. she’s doing my cover story for The Second Virginity of Suzy Green

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8 thoughts on “Conferenced out…… and other things!!!!

  1. Awesome pics– looks like a great time!!
    And I agree, Allison is amazing, and she writes ’em so fast too!

    Have a great time on your trip– sounds dreamy!

  2. Actually that photo looks like it should be in a brochure – as an example of How To Conduct A Workshop… since you both look so ultra cool and professional…

    hahhaha!!! I’m not kidding, honest!

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