RWA baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m back……. I’m totally shattered…….. and I’m definitely going again!!!!

RWA was the most (cue American accent) awesome experience ever. It was so funny because while everyone was asking me to speak (they love the UK accent) all I wanted to do was listen to the American accent (it’s sooo cool).

Anyway…. highlights….. omg there were so many. So I think I’ll do it in pictures.

We got to hang out with some really cool authors:

Kelly Parra, Bethany Griffin, Ally Carter and Teri Brown

And some more:

(top) Marley Gibson, Me, Wendy Tolliver

(bottom) Simone Elkeles, Heather Davis, Dona Sarkar-Mishra, Tera Lynn Childs


Amanda Ashby, Michelle Rowen, Megan Crane

Kiwi girls…. Petre, Giovanna, Nalini (Singh), Ellie, Zana, Iona, Amanda (front)

Me, Amanda and Laura (the best stalker in the world!!)

Me, Wendy Tolliver, Kay Cassidy (who won the Golden Heart…. very exciting)

Me at the Literacy signing

My good friends: Theresa Stevens (editor), Alexis Fleming (author), Me, Bobbie Cole (author).

Kiwi girls: Zana, Emily (Gee) double Rita finalist, Amanda, Iona

Amanda, Sarah (Golden Heart finalist), Tera Lynn Childs

So…………….. some of my photos…………………. and I must mention the ones who got away… for some reason I don’t have any photos of Alyson Noel (who is seriously a fabulous person), Maureen McGowan (another totally cool person), Cindy Procter-King (who I adored, fabulous sense of humour), Vanessa Barneveld (great girl… and tres chic), and Kristin Nelson (who’s great fun).

I’m already saving up for my next RWA conference. The workshops were amazing… especially the one by creativity coach Eric Maisel (I am sooo motivated now) and Blake Snyder’s Save the Cat (he’s an awesome presenter).

Another of the highlights was the literacy signing…. and I didn’t even need to bribe my friends to come and buy my book…..

I can’t recommend RWA enough, it was seriously the best conference ever!!

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18 thoughts on “RWA baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. It was so great to meet you in person! I wish I had gone to the Maisel and Cat worshops… everyone is raving!

  2. It was my pleasure stalking you and Amanda in SF. In fact, I enjoyed it so much I didn’t really keep any of my other stalker commitments – I was dedicated to the two of you. So, we’re on for more stalking in DC then? 🙂

  3. Sara-
    Yes, count me among those who couldn’t get enough of your accent!!
    It was so wonderful to meet both you and Amanda- you guys are just as awesome as I thought you’d be! But I’m totally bummed that I missed you Friday night 🙁
    And I agree, Blake’s SAVE THE CAT workshop was da bomb!!!

  4. Laura, if it’s at all possible the stalking can continue in DC!

    Alyson… it’s so weird that you didn’t see us in the bar, though our table was right at the side. And I’m so annoyed that I didn’t get a pic of you. Still… there’s always next time!

  5. Hi Sara

    It was great meeting you at Nationals. I’m sure the literacy signing was amazing. Wish you best of luck with your book and may you have many more debuts.

    President, Chick Lit RWA

  6. Hey hon! It was great to meet you in person. You are postively adorable, my little UK/NZ friend.
    Your giant US friend with the slightest of southern accents.

  7. Thanks Pat, and Kristin!

    Me too, Theresa….

    Wendy….. what can I say…. after all this time msning we finally meet up….. it was fabulous…. even if your height did shock me LOL!! And we will def meet again, no question!!

  8. So fabulous to finally meet you and Amanda in person. I hope you can come next year, too… Even if you have to do another flight across the North American continent to get there… What’s another 5 hour flight when you’ve come from New Zealand?

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