All about me……

Well, yes, I know… it’s my blog so it is going to be all about me…. it’s just that I liked that heading…..

Anyway,  this week I’m being interviewed on компютриThe First Book and I’d love to see you there.  I’m also blogging at Teen Fiction Cafe this week, if you have time to pop by.

wasgij.jpgWhat else… oh yes…. I have just finished the mother of all jigsaws. It drove me CRAZY!!! It was a destiny puzzle so you see a picture from the past and then the puzzle is what it’s like in the future. So, a few clues about what goes where but rest is up to you. Normally I like this type of puzzle but this was set on the beach and the whole puzzle was full of faces. It was a nightmare. And I was so fed up with it I forced my self to finish it yesterday….. at the expense doing anything else. And I didn’t enjoy it!!! Give me lumps of solid colour, a few people and a couple of animals and I’m much happier.

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