Prizes, prizes, prizes……

gerb-cover.jpgHead on over to Linda Gerber’s blog because it’s her launch party for Death by Bikini and lots of authors are blogging (including yours truly) and there are loads of prizes up for grabs!!

And watch this space for the launch party of another author friend….. yes I’m being very mysterious…. but it’s worth waiting for!!!

And what else…..   kids gone back after the mid-trimester break…. so lots less cooking for me to do……. hurray…. downside is I don’t get to put the dishwasher on every day (le sigh).

I watched 27 Dresses on dvd yesterday…. omg…. I totally LOVED it. Will definitely be watching it again.  Also saw Death at a Funeral again (so funny………. British humour at it’s best).

V ery excited because tonight we get the Andrew Lloyd Webber American Idol show (we’re a few weeks behind). Even though I know the outcome it’s still just as exciting for me to watch. A new series of America’s Next Top Model has just started which is on before Idol. So, my Friday night viewing is complete!!

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6 thoughts on “Prizes, prizes, prizes……

  1. I liked 27 Dresses…well, most of it. There was one part that his a pet peeve of mine, but I’ll just fast forward through the reviewing…

    See you over at Linda’s!

  2. To really top of your friday night viewing you must start watching Project Runway – no excuses, just make it work (and now you have to watch it to see what that means!!!)

  3. Hi Sara – I thought I’d pop by to say hello. I’ve been enjoying American Idol, and I hope David Cook wins. He’s my favorite. I noticed Death at a Funeral is out on DVD and have a note to grab a copy. Hubby and I both love British humor.

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