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enchanting-reviews.jpgA review of Suzy from Enchanting Reviews

And an interview with me. I’m really pleased that Suzy has been awarded 4 enchantments. It will also feature on their website

The other thing I want to mention is this problem I seem to be having. As I’ve always said, I write ‘normal’ and have no inclination to write paranormal. Well….. either I’m undergoing something sinister inside, or I’ve been spending too much time with my CP Amanda Ashby (who, btw, has such a weird imagination I swear she put the para in paranormal!!). Anyway, I digress…. suddenly I’m cominig up with ideas for her latest book…. like seriously weird and inventive ideas…… I think I need to lie down in a darkened room!!

Other news….. I’ve got a fab idea for a new YA and the MG I’m working on is all coming together…. so all’s sweet in the writing world….

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