My latest crush……

My crushes over the years have been few and far between. But suddenly I’ve developed a major one. I know I’m coming late to this party…. but now I know he can sing….. and his English accents are to die for:

Yes….. you’ve guessed it… it’s Johnny Depp. Isn’t he gorgeous?


johnny-depp-3.jpgAnd only recently I watched Finding Neverland and loved it. His accent was perfect. Understated and totally believable

And I’m seriously hanging out to see Sweeney Todd. I’ve seen excerpts and he is amazing. And I love his singing voice.


So what about you, am I alone in my crush????

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16 thoughts on “My latest crush……

  1. He was amazing in Finding Neverland. I don’t have a crush on him (no room in my head to squeeze another hottie) but I do think he’s great. Edward Scissorhands is still my fav Johnny movie.

  2. I love him–more so even, in his TV interviews. On Letterman, he strikes me as very comfortable in his own skin, very intelligent, devoted to his family. Love him!

    But my all-time crush right now is Clive Owen.

  3. Oh, you’re gonna have to fight me for him– I LOVE LOVE LOVE him. . .Oh yah, I’m non-violent, Okay so maybe we can just share– I call dibs on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. . .

  4. Hang on a moment, Alyson……. that gives you four days and me only three….. I don’t think so….. that’s not fair.

    Here’s the plan….. three days for you, three days for me and then alternate the other day each week….. I can’t be fairer than that…. ok?

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