What the……..

I don’t usually blog about things that happen at our motel, mainly because they’re either not very interesting or they’re x rated!! However, this was so out there I felt the need to share.

golf-swing-3.jpgStaying in one of our bigger units are some young golfers (with one of their fathers, to keep them all in check), who’ve entered a big under 23s competition at a course close by.

Anyway, the day before yesterday one of the boys (who wasn’t playing too well) decided he was going to practise his swing. Good idea????? Well that depends on where you’re swinging. He wanted to be able to see himself, so instead of going out into the courtyard and practising in front of his apartment window, he took the more inventive option. He decided to go into the bathroom and practise in front of the mirror. And…….. guess what…… he swung, and smashed the toilet. AARRRGGGHHHH.

And to top it all the plumber couldn’t get a replacement straight away, so we’ve had to move the one from our house into their unit (our downstairs toilet, we do still have one upstair!!). The only trouble is they’re not meant to use it for 24 hours, so at the moment they have a key for the unit next door. And let’s not even think about the fact we need this other unit for customers later today!!

They do say a moteliers life is never dull!!!!

Other news…… I’m blogging at Teen Fiction Cafe this week, the topic is music and so I confess my addiction to musicals…

What else…. I’ve had an ah ha moment with my current manuscript and am happy it’s now heading in the right direction. I’ve also updated my books page with the latest reviews for Suzy.

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5 thoughts on “What the……..

  1. Ewww! I can sympathise. We had a house guest who managed to dislodge the porcelain cistern from the wall on Good Friday. No chance of an emergency plumber that day.

    Great news on the breakthrough!

  2. You must have a lot of fun people watching at your motel.

    Sorry about the plumber woes. Hate those. (Did you catch the poem?)

    Keep the muse flowing with the ms!

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