2008 is going to rock…….

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So here we are, a brand new year and some brand new resolutions…. what? you remember that I said I wasn’t going to make any…. hahahahaha… well, I am, just not so many or in such a regimented fashion (I’ll beat that anal tendancy if it kills me… apart from list writing, which I love).

But first…. I’m going to try an experiment. My friend Amanda Ashby has this theory that if you mention the words naked and David Boreanaz in a post your blog hits will go through the roof….. so, I’ve done it…. and will report back!!

Back to resolutions….. this year my main one is to become more disciplined in my writing (did you hear that witches???). I’m going to write three books – two young adult and one middle grade. I’m also going to have a positive outlook on everything (ok… I’m an optimist, so this one’s not too hard… even so, there are times….). And I’m going to blog more too.

And now…. seeing as this post is all about ME…. because I was a featured author on Aussie Authors during 2007, I’m eligible to be Aussie Author of the year…. soooooooooo, I’d love for you to vote for me at Aussie Authors

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all. May 2008 be even better than you dreamed!!!!!

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15 thoughts on “2008 is going to rock…….

  1. Okay, now I’m curious about what that did to your blog stats! And good luck with your resolutions. They sound great! And, finally, good luck on the Aussie Author awards!

  2. Happy New Year, Sara! Good luck with the resolutions. I’d love to read more of your books, so I’ll hold you to them! I’ve broken one resolution already, but my list is fairly extensive. Something was bound to fall by the wayside.

    🙂 Vanessa

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