I rest my case…..

jury.jpgI was so excited because a couple of weeks ago I got a call for jury service. I’ve always wanted to serve on a jury, unlike other people I know, and have been planning what to wear and even what to take for lunch (not sure I should be admitting that!).

So, imagine how devastated I felt when yesterday the date for my sons (minor) surgery came through….  during the week I was meant to be on jury service. So, with a heavy heart I contacted the court and explained the situation and got myself excused. Hopefully, I’ll be selected again!

Other news… I’m posting at Teen Fiction Cafe, if you have time to pop over.

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11 thoughts on “I rest my case…..

  1. Such a pity about the jury service. I always thought it’d be interesting to be a juror (depending on the case, though).

    I hope your son’s doing okay, Sara.

    x Vanessa

  2. Well, can you sit in court and just listen to cases? You could still plan your lunch and wear your chosen outfits. You’d get to hear the cases. PLUS you could get up and leave whenever you wanted!

  3. Hey Sara:

    I know how you feel…I want to go for jury duty too!!! I have never gotten called. My husband, my mom and sis all have…I asked them to put my name in as a reference!

    BTW, TAG! I have tagged you for a meme over on my blog: http://donasarkar.blogspot.com/

    Have a great day!

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